Coin Operated Timer UT 7

Coin Operated Timer UT 7

Versatile usable timer

LED-display, 4 digits

Fully electronic maintenance free coin validation
for up to 11 coin types

Start and stop input

Happy-Hour function (second price)

Key operated switch for free / service copies (optional)

External button to enable the connected device for 5 seconds (optional)

Acoustical signal to announce the last minute (optional)

Two relay with changeover contacts, 16 A each

Credit time digitally adjustable

Display of the remaining time or money

Extension of time at any time by throwing in coins

Coin set freely programmable

Electronic cash audit with separate counter for token

Housing made of stainless steel (optional)

Cash box 0,5 l


pdf_symbol Leaflet UT7

UT7 - slot meter