Smart Card Operated Timer UT 3020

Smart Card Operated Timer UT 3020

Multifunctional timer using
contactless Mifare®-smart cards

LC-display with 2 x 16 characters, backlight

Two independent relays

Credit time digitally adjustable (2 prices)

Display of remaining time or amount

A shutter prevents the insertion of coins and other foreign objects

All settings are accessible from outside by using a setup-card

Valorization of smart cards by using our TAW 500,
a special smart-card for valorization or our wall mounted valorizer WCDA 500

Cash audit by interim- and total counter

Start and stop input

Change to second price by separate input

External button, to release the connected device for 5 seconds, connectable

Optional features:
- Key operated switch to start the connected device for free
- Acoustic signal that indicates the last minute
- Network connection (Ethernet 10/100Mbit)


pdf_symbol Leaflet UT3020

UT3020 - Smart Card Operated Timer