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CTM 5020
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Account systems for copies, prints and scans


The COPYTRON® account system made by HÖR electronic leaves (nearly) nothing to be desired.

It is reliable, versatile and adaptable.
Our range of products includes simple copy counter, complex cashless payment sytems using

contactless RFID-smart cards as well as access control systems.
We offer account systems which are operated by PIN-code, coins, electronic purse and RFID smart card (copy card).

Examples for applications:

- Copy counter for copy shops
   COPYTRON® KD 5,  KD 5-2,  KD 5-F, KD3020
- Coin operated devices for copiers used in schools, department stores, universities, libraries….
   COPYTRON® CTM 5000,  CTM 5020
- Joined systems which are coin and smart card operated, incl. the opportunity to valorize smart cards
- Record the costs for copies by using PIN-Code
   COPYTRON® CA 2200,  CA 2020
- Cashless payment for copies and prints by using RFID-smart card or money card (electronic purse)
   COPYTRON® CA 3020,  CA 3030, GK 4020
- Record the costs for prints incl. „Follow me“ functionality
- Smart card reader for Mifare
®- smart cards with the opportunity to enter PIN-codes
   COPYTRON® CA 3030
- Software solutions for copy and print accounting for copyshops
   COPYTRON®-Clicks One,  Clicks Lite,  Clicks Plus,  Clicks-Box
- Wall mounted vending machines to sale or sale/valorize copy cards (smart cards)
   COPYTRON® WCD 500, WCDA 500
- Accessories like desktop device to valorize smart cards, SNMP-interface

The standard coin acceptance for coin operated devices is 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1€, 2€. The graduation for setting prices is 5c (least significant coin).
Coin operated devices are also available with a coin acceptance of 1c. In this case the graduation for setting prices is 1c.
For card readers the copy prices can be adjusted in graduations of 0,1c or the number of A4-copies (clicks/points). So the copy cards allows the valorization with money or points. For copy shops exists a copy card which increments the amount, so that the print and copy volume will be captured. These cards can be reset after payment. Alternative, a cost centre card can be used. This card allows limited or unlimited copying. All card types can be used in the same card reader in parallel.

To complete our product range we offer several types of money changer.
With the acceptance of coins and bank notes and the disbursement of coins, token and bank notes. Money changer with one, two or three hopper. In housing of GW 200 and GW 300.