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Measuring microwave radiation resp. leakage radiation on microwave sources


Imagine to live without the use of microwaves in household and industrie is not possible anymore.
The fields of application, except for telecommunications, are varied:


- Heating of food
- Drying of ceramics
- Drying of walls and moisty cellars
- Control of woodworms within old, historically valuable works of art / wood
- Drying of linen
- Accelerating chemical processes in medicine and biochemistry
- Vulcanization
- and others


Since there is a risc for humans in using microwaves, measurement devices, for monitoring microwave radiation (microwave leakage radiation), are needed. These so called microwave detectors indicates the field intensity in V/m or the power density in mW/cm². Therefore limit values must be observed to avoid danger from humans.


The microwave radiation meters developed by HÖR electronic are available as mobile and stationary radiation detectors and indicates the power density in a range of 0 to 10 mW/cm². They have an internal self-control to ensure the proper functioning. Our stationary microwave leakage radiation meter have a special reliability. Beside the measurement of the leakage radiation a selftest will be executed cyclically. This prevents, that a defective measuring device causes an exceedance of the adjusted limit value. Therefore any danger for humans, caused by microwave radiation, will be excluded. Close cooperation between the professional association and the Physikalisch Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB) are the base for the correct functioning and accuracy of our products.


HÖR electronic has invested a lot in measuring equipment for monitoring and calibration of the microwave radiation meters. Therefore we can offer a calibration service for third party products. However there are a lot of products which can't be calibrated. They provide non-reproducible values which can't guarantee security for humans. For this kind of products we refuse the calibration.
Microwave products made by HÖR electronic can be calibrated and will be delivered incl. a calibration document. We recommend the annual check and calibration of the microwave-leakage-tester.