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Money Changer GW 200 with bank note acceptance
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Money Changer GW 200 with bank note and coin acceptance
Money Changer GW 200 with coin acceptance
Money Changer GW 200 with bank note acceptance


Money Changer GW 200 and GW 300


Several types of money changer made by HÖR electronic are available (see table below). They are indoor and outdoor applicable. They change coin to coin, bank note to coin and coin to bank note. GW 200 as well as GW 300 can be used as vending machine to sale token (for example: token for car wash installations).


The money changer have an alphanumeric display with backlight. The turnover data will be captured within the device and can transfered to USB-stick or printed out by using a mobile printer. The simplest way to read out the turnover data is via display. Our money changer can be equipped with a special printer for receipts. The customer can request the receipt by pushing a button. Within the service routine the assignment of input and output values can be easily changed. In case of an empty hopper the acceptance of coins or bank notes will be restricted or locked.


All money changer have an aperture angle of 180° for the door. Therefore all devices provides an unimpeded access to inner workings. For anti burglary all money changer are equipped with a safety lock and a 4-point locking mechanism. Optionally they can be equipped with an alarm system. The money changer GW 200 and GW 300 differ in size. The series GW 300 gives space for hopper with more capacity. These hopper are removable. To remove the hopper by nigth gives an extra security option.


We also deliver change machines in customized versions or special versions for wall installation with door on the back. That means access from behind to the inner workings of the GW 200 resp. GW 300. The inlet for the power supply cable is located above, below and on the backside of each housing.