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Coin and Smart Card Operated Timer


Timer made by HÖR electronic have a high-quality standard and differ from low-cost products essentially by:


- high standards for safety of devices (insulation resistance test and earth ground test)
- high interference immunity and low interference emissions
- digital display and digital adjustment of prices, times, modes
- internal cash auditing (not resetable and data backup in case of power failure)
- high quality safety lock against unauthorized access
- applicable for indoor and outdoor (with reservations)
- acceptance of coins and token (for coin/token operated devices)
- electronic coin validator. Foreign currencies are not accepted and are rejected automatically (for coin/token operated devices)
- high-grade steel housing, painted and unpainted, with enhanced burglary resistance
- more detailed user and installation manual
- free phone support
- 2 year warranty
- special constructions deliverable, since we have our own development and production


The smart card operated timer (except electronic purse) uses a contactless smart card, a so called RFID smart card. They have a 32bit access code and are insensitive against soiling and manipulation. These smart cards (Mifare®-smart card) have no visible contacts. Our smart card system is configured in a way that also smart cards made by other manufacturers can be used. Whithout security reduction. Examples for smart card usage are access control systems, time recording systems, copy card operated systems, vending machines (beverages and food) etc...
We can adapt our systems to systems of other manufacturers (under certain conditions). This provides high flexibility of our products to the benefit of our customers.


Application examples for our timer are: solariums, showers, slot machines, lighting of sports facilities, use of public lavatories, sale of water or power and much more.