COPYTRON® Clicks Demo-Version

As distinguished from the full-version, the demo-version counts only up to 3 pages per copier/printer. Then the counter of the copier/printer must be set to 0 by using the reset-button.


The demo-version can be used to test all 3 full-versions (one, lite, plus) of clicks. The choice happens when starting the demo-version.


By licence-file the demo-version can be converted into a full-version without losing the settings. Also all settings respectively the licence will be preserved if a demo-version will be installed over an existing full-version.


The demo-version will be installed automatically by using an installer. You only have to select the installation directory and the start menu folder. For the further procedure see the manual. You will find it in the start menu folder after installation.


Using the licence-manager, which is added to the demo-version, a licence-file can be requested via e-mail. This licence-file converts a demo-version into a full-version.

Download Clicks-Demo