Microwave-Leakage-Tester MLT 441

Microwave-Leakage-Tester MLT 441

Wall-mounted cabinet with door for easy upgrade existing systems

Limit-value monitoring for microwave power density
at 915 MHz or 2450 MHz

1, 2, 3 or 4 sensors for 0..10 mW/cm2

Cyclic function test of the sensors

Bipolar deactivation by relay with positively driven contacts and feedback

Extra relay for feedback about the switch state

LC-display, 2x16 characters:
- for displaying the operating state and the measured values
- for easily setting up the device

Watchdog for monitoring the processor

Digital setting of limit value (0,5...10,0 mW/cm2)

Number of sensors selectable (1..4)

Sensors for protection class IP40 and IP65 available

Power supply 100..240 V AC

Same functions as MLT 442 and MLT 443

MLT441 - microwave radiation detector