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Our new address is:

Dorothea-Erxleben-Str. 6
15711 Koenigs Wusterhausen Germany

New number: +49 3375 251 908 0

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CTM 5000

Printing costs under control...

The COPYTRON® account system made by HÖR electronic leaves nothing to be desired.

It is reliable, versatile and adaptable.
Our range of products includes simple copy counter, complex cashless payment sytems using contactless RFID-smart cards as well as access control systems.

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Affordable Timers

We offer coin and smart card operated timers. Timers made by HÖR electronic have a high-quality standard and differ from low-cost products.

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MLT 443

Exploring Microwaves

Since there is a risc for humans in using microwaves, measurement devices, for monitoring microwave radiation (microwave leakage radiation), are needed. These so called microwave detectors indicates the field intensity in V/m or the power density in mW/cm². Therefore limit values must be observed to avoid danger from humans.

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