COPYTRON® Clicks demo-version

The only difference between our "Clicks" demo-version and the full version is a imitation in counting pages. In the demo-version you can count up to three pages. Then you have to reset your copier or printer.

The demo-version can be used for all three available "Clicks"-editions. You can choose it when starting the demo-version.

By adding a licensed data file every demo-version can be turned into a full version. You can also install a demo-version on an existing full version. In both cases selected settings and inherit data won't get lost.

The installation of the demo-version will start automatically via an installer. But of course you can choose the directory and folder. Further information are held in the PDF-manual which can be found in the start menu.

Via the license-manager, set in every demo-version, you can ask for an e-mail with a licensed data file to unlock the respective "Clicks" full version anytime.

Manual licensing requirement

Information of the copiers are required to create a final license. We need a request of the license of the computer on which Clicks shall run.

Manual backup

After installing Clicks it is necessary to create a backup of the settings.

Clicks scanner

The program Clicks requires for each copier model a configuration file with every address of the counters, which shall be queried. For many models the configuration files are already provided within the installer. It is possible to create new configuration files with the Clicks scanner if needed.


For some copier models it takes a long time to create the configuration file with the Clicks scanner or it may fail for variety of reasons. In these cases query data can be created with the SNMP recorder and be sent to Hör electronic. We will create manually a suiting configuration file.