The only difference between our "Clicks" demo-version and the full version is a limitation in counting pages. In the demo-version you can count up to three pages. Then you have to reset your copier or printer.

The demo-version can be used for all three available "Clicks"-editions. You can choose it when starting the demo-version.

By adding a licensed data file every demo-version can be turned into a full version. You can also install a demo-version on an existing full version. In both cases selected settings and inherit data won't get lost.

The installation of the demo-version will start automatically via an installer. But of course you can choose the directory and folder. Further information are held in the PDF-manual which can be found in the start menu.

Via the license-manager, set in every demo-version, you can ask for an e-mail with a licensed data file to unlock the respective "Clicks" full version anytime.