The moneychanger of HÖR electronic are available in different versions. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. They change coins to coins, bank notes to coins and also coins to bank notes. Both GW 200 and GW300 are able to sell tokens (e.g. selling tokens for car wash installations or washing facilities).


All of our moneychangers have an alphanumeric display with background light. They have a door opening angle of 180°. Therefore our devices offer an unhindered access to the inside.  For burglary protection all the moneychangers are equipped with a safety lock and a 4-point-locking and additionally can be equipped with a alarm system. The moneychangers GW 200 and GW 300 are different in their size. The GW 300 series has retractable Hopper with more coin volume. For more safety it is also possible to remove the Hopper (e.g. overnight).


The sales data will be saved on the device and can be printed with a USB stick or a mobile printer. In the simplest case it is possible to read out the sales via the display. Our moneychangers can be equipped with a receipt printer, which prints a receipt if wished by pushing a button. In the service menu it is easily possible to change input data into output data or to adjust the settings. In case of empty Hoppers the acceptance of coins or bank notes will be restricted or blocked.

Custom-built products

We also provide moneychangers in customer-specific versions or versions for wall installations. In this case the access to the inside of the device is possible through the back of the GW 200 or the GW 300. The line of the power supply can be installed for all versions from above, behind or below.