Consumption-dependent billing

The COPYTRON® billing system of HÖR electronic meets all your requirements. It is reliable, versatile and adaptable. From copy counter to complex cashless payment systems with contactless RFID chip cards, as well as access control systems.

An example for application in schools, universities, libraries or stores you can find here.

If you want to use our systems in your copy shop, you can find further information here.

Billing options

There are products for billing with PIN code, coins, money card and RFID chip cards (copy cards).

Billing systems with coins

We supply billing systems with coin acceptance from 1 cent coins to 2€. The price adjustment takes place in steps of the lowest coin.

Billing systems with cards

It is possible to adjust the pricing of copies in steps of 0,1 cent for our card readers or the number of A4 copies (clicks/points). The copy card provides therefore the opportunity to load money or points to your card.
Of course we also offer copy cards with upward counting which count the copy or print volume and after paying will be set back to zero. Another variation is the cost center card. It allows unlimited or limited copying.

All the different versions of cards can be used parallel.

Complementary products

To complete the program, we also offer moneychanger in construction forms of GW 200 and GW 300 in different versions:

  • Moneychanger with coin acceptance, bank note acceptance or with issue of coins, tokens and bank notes
  • Moneychanger with one, two or three Hopper