Calibration service for microwave leakage testers

General information

The inspection of the microwave leakage tester should be done at periodically intervals. We recommend to check the device annual, as it is usual for measuring and test equipment. Ultimately the corporate rules decide about the test cycle. In most ISO certificated companies the one year cycle is valid.

For the microwave leakage testers developed by us as well as the devices of other producers we offer a calibration service for the frequencies 915 MHz and 2450 MHs. The devices will be checked in their functionality and correct display of the measured values. In the case of a defect we will repair the device if possible after consulting with the customer.

In the case of perfect conditions we will issue an according calibration certificate. Upon request we will take for 10 different display values the true value and deliver a detailed list in tabular form.

Before and after every calibration our calibration system will be aligned or rather controlled with reference devices. These reference devices are checked regularly at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, National Metrology Institute of Germany) in Braunschweig. All calibrations undertaken are traceable to the PTB.

Commissioning the calibration services

To calibrate devices, please send them to our company address:

Dorothea-Erxleben-Str. 6
15711 Königs Wusterhausen

A RMA number or a prior registration is not necessary. In urgent cases we recommend to request the current process time. The return and billing address must be stated on the delivery note.  We also need a note with the requested service: standard or with detailed protocol.


For the calibration the devices have to be in a good working condition. These includes for mobile devices batteries with sufficient charge. If necessary they will be renewed. Also the sensor cone of handsets has to have distance of 50 mm between cone tip and sensor front edge according to standard. If the sensor cone is worn, dirty or damaged, it will be also renewed before the calibration.

The calibration of mobile devices is always done with sensor cone. It should be made out of a material that as little as possible affects the microwave radiation. A self-constructed cone out of a different material changes the measured values so that the calibration is invalid. The same applies for tape to attach a loose cone or stickers, labels or signs, especially some out of metallic material. The rotational symmetry will be strongly influenced and therefore it will change the measure values. Original sensor cones are also available as spare parts if needed.

Specificities for the MLT 4xx series

The sensors of the stationary microwave leakage testers from the MLT 4xx series have to be used always together with the matching measuring module. The measuring modules are plunged into the control unit. Every sensor will be calibrated with the related measuring module. The sensor and measuring module bear the same serial number. It is absolutely necessary that every sensor is sent in with the matching measuring module. We command to send the sensor together with the complete control unit to the calibration. The control unit will be checked free of charge and if necessary we will perform a firmware update.