On this page we provide the latest version of various programs and tools.


A suitable license file is required to use the PC-Card-Reload program. Without this the program is not executable. With this download our customers can always download the latest version. The old version does not need to be uninstalled.


The program COPYTRON® TimeRecord is a comfortable program for the recording and evaluation of working times of employees. It runs under Windows® by using a USB card reader. The billing is done to the minute. The identification of the individual employees is done by a RFID card or a NFC tag.

For each employee, the weekly working hours, the weekly working days and the number of vacation days can be set individually. The stamp times can be exported (csv file) or printed. It is also possible to print a holiday plan as an overview for all employees.

Each employee can enter vacation requests and requests for compensation of plus hours himself with his own access. The approval or rejection can then be conveniently handled by the management.

Note: The program can only be used with a valid license file!