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The COPYTRON®-System offers all necessary components for the easy accounting of copies, prints and scans. During the development special attention was paid to the fact that all devices are robust, easy to operate, low maintenance and easy to service.

The individual devices are delivered ready to plug in, so that the installation can be done with as little effort as possible. As a special feature, all card systems work in real 0.1c steps. This offers greater scope for pricing.

Components of the billing system

Our card readers, e.g. the CA3020, are characterised by particularly simple operation with only four keys and a text display.

In this way, both the "follow-me printing" and the online cost centre can be operated with ease.

The print jobs are billed page by page.

The contactless Mifare® smart card is particularly user-friendly as it can be inserted in all four directions. It is also tamper-proof and can also be used for other applications, for example access control.

The COPYTRON® WCDA 500 can be used for selling and loading of the chip cards. It accepts banknotes with the values 5 €, 10 €, 20 € and 50 €. The banknotes are also individually lockable. To prevent misuse, the maximum card credit can be limited.

The network accounting systems INPAS 300 and 400 are the complete solution for all networks in which print jobs are to be recorded and billed for each user. They are therefore ideal for universities, libraries, technical colleges, large companies, etc.

Alternatively, we also install our software on an existing server on site.

Server software

The server software supplements the COPYTRON® accounting system with important functions for the accounting of print jobs and scans, the administration of online/shadow accounts and online cost centres and the recording of all transactions for accounting (clearing).

The software is divided into several modules. This allows a customer-specific composition and a later extension of the functionality. All functions can be perfectly integrated into the existing infrastructure via additional scripts.

Accounting of print jobs (Follow-Me-Printing)


With "Follow-Me-Printing", print jobs can be sent from client PCs, the private notebook or via a web interface. The central print server stores all incoming print jobs. The access possibilities of each user are limited to their own print data (Secure Printing). Old print jobs are automatically deleted.

Accounting of scans

The billing of scans is done with the credit balance of the respective user. Incoming scans are analyzed by the server: A4 or A3? b/w or colour? The scans are then sent by e-mail.

Storage of all transactions

All operations are stored in a local database or on the database server (MySQL, PostGreSQL or MSSQL). A management of card blocks is also possible.

Online cost centers and evaluation of sales


For each card number, one or more online cost centers can be stored, whereby a time and volume limit is also possible. The limits can be set separately for b/w and colour printing. All processes are stored and a report is generated for the evaluation of the cost centres. Here, too, it is possible to manage card blocks.

You can find a sample shopping cart with all the components required and recommended by us for your complete billing system here. Only the required variants (plug connections, card type) as well as the required quantities have to be selected.

Of course, we also offer personal advice on request. Simply use our contact form for this.